Kind of bamboo flute Japanesehere
Classification according to length
The bamboo flute most frequently used is called "Syakuhachi" and is about 54 Cm in total length.When blowing in a usual state when blowing with all holes shut, the sound of D is emitted in case of either. Therefore, it is called D tube.There are a short bamboo flute and long bamboo flute@about 3Cm interval.The bamboo flute emits and semitone high sound is emitted whenever shortening and whenever lengthening, semitone low sound is emitted from 3Cm to 3Cm. The shortest bamboo flute is usually length of about 33Cm. It comes for the interval between the hole and the hole of the bamboo flute to narrow in a short bamboo flute and not to suppress the hole easily by person's finger. There is usually a long bamboo flute up to 72Cm .It comes for the interval of the hole to broaden in a long bamboo flute and not to suppress the hole easily by person's hand as well as the short one.There is almost "Nakatsugi" in a present bamboo flute, it is possible to carry by decomposing into two, and it can be made convenient at any time.
Classification according to thickness
The interval difference is not usually classified in the thickness in the bamboo flute. However, it is a character of the material of bamboo and exists respectively a thin bamboo flute and a fat bamboo flute.It is possible to hope when the bamboo flute that a fat bamboo flute is good or thin is good when you order the bamboo flute.
Classification according to weight
The interval difference is not usually classified in the bamboo flute according to weight. However, a heavy bamboo flute and a light bamboo flute exists even if fat even if thin. I think that the tone that the bamboo flute of shutting heavy feeling is good even if thin is had in me.
Classification according to hardness
The interval difference is not classified in the bamboo flute according to hardness. It is judged that we are hard because of the sound of knack knack when the bamboo flute is shed by the finger. I wonder whether there is a difference of tone quality between a hard bamboo flute and soft bamboo flute.
Classification according to tone
Even if we borrow the bamboo flute of the person who is sounding the bamboo flute because of a good tone and blow, we cannot emit the sound of a good tone. Moreover, when I have the expert blow my bamboo flute, I think that a good tone is had. gBamboo flute of a good tone" might exist including the blowing person if the sound is not emitted only by the bamboo flute and roles of musical instruments are played together with the blowing person. Classification according to price
Classification according to price
The price of a short bamboo flute and a long bamboo flute might be high. It is variously to the one to exceed 1,000,000 yen from the one of about 30,000 yen in the bamboo flute. The value standard with the author and the atelier is not clear. The beginner cannot judge value in the much more because he cannot sound it. Either of gUseless money is not spent even if the practice is stopped at once and a bamboo flute cheap as end is bought" or gThe practice is not stopped until blowing the bamboo flute becomes good and as expensive a bamboo flute as possible is bought" will be selected if you decide for yourself. However, the very expensive one cannot be bought when thinking about the interest rate because years moderate to put out the tone of the value of the price might be required. At any rate, if you are a large millionaire .If you have the teacher when you buy the bamboo flute, let's buy it through the teacher. For the teacher, it is not business only to teach the bamboo flute.The teacher might be pleased because the bamboo flute and the score are sold and the commission enters the teacher, too. Especially, when the teacher is as poor as me, the effect is full. Because the teacher will be able to sound the bamboo flute of course, some value judgment will be able to be done.
Classification according to material
If the one which can be done in the long-jointed bamboo is a bamboo flute, other one cannot be called a bamboo flute.Instead, it can be called, gBamboo flute of the imitation". The home of the bamboo is not displayed in the bamboo flute though there must be a home also in the long-jointed bamboo. Additionally, there is a bamboo flute wooden and made of plastic. It is about 20,000 yen if wooden. The size etc. become complete well for the machine processing goods. There is from about 5000 yen made of plastic. The beginner can emit the sound equal with the bamboo flute of the bamboo. (Neither the bamboo nor the tree sounds acceptable).Because musical instruments are musical instruments only after the sound is emitted, gBamboo flute which everyone can sound made of plastic" is the recommendations to the beginner.
Classification according to number of holes
There are usually five holes in the bamboo flute. However, there is a bamboo flute of seven holes designed to emit the sound of the interval not sounded easily more easily, too. The bamboo flute of six holes and bamboo flutes of eight holes might possibly be being designed by someone.
Classification by "Utakuchi"
The breath of the bamboo flute is blown and the shape of the thing buried to the applied part is different by the sect. I think that the difference of this shape hardly influences the abilities of musical instruments.
Classification by hole position
I think so unrelated if the interval which goes out is the same though the position of the hole might be different because of the sect. And, the hole position might be different because of the manufacture person.
Classification according to color
The one like white thickens immediately after manufacturing and brown thickens with years. Maintenance with camellia oil might also influence it. I think that gWhen buying, blackish bamboo flute already" is a little expensive. I think that gDifference of the color" is unrelated to the tone.
Classification according to shape (figure)
The hole of the start is decided even in paragraph from the part of root how many in the bamboo flute. There is very individuality in shape and the curved condition of the root of the bamboo flute. I think that the bamboo flute with good appearance is still expensive. It is related to the sound is doubt.
Classification by quality display
When sold, the classifications such as a popularization tube and high-level tubes are decided on the sales person side. However, standards to the quality cannot be compared as much as the price when differing about the atelier etc. because it is various. It is thought the calling method in the atelier.

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