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I do not become good of playing the bamboo flute easily though I became a disciple of the Sazan Isono bamboo flute classroom in front of Choufu Station in September, 1970, passed of time for 25 years or more. I think that the population of the bamboo flute performance person decreases fast.I thought it was good advertising to the internet.And, I retrieved the home page. Then I was surprised because there were a lot of pages of Japanese music.So as not to be defeated at another page, I began to write this page. I am not a professional of the bamboo flute. I am not a music person either.I should refer to the book. However, I might also have a lot of mistakes because I write only by the experience and intuition. Please draw any suggestions rapidly by E mail.

March 26, 1997 in day of update
February 2, 1996 in day of update
Kind of bamboo flute
Holding method of bamboo flute Japanese only
Putting out method of sound Japanese only
Method of changing intervalJapanese only
Japanese music (Koto Sangen Shakuhachi) RealAudio
Japanese music (Koto Sangen Shakuhachi) MIDI
Sagamielectronics home pageMy company.

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