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I am not good at writing sentences in English. These sentences were written by using ATLAS-JEV2.0 of Fujitsu . Send mail to me if you find any mistakes.


In the office
Address Isehara-city
Name crane (alias)
Job company member
The age is unknown.
Hobby bamboo flute, fishing, sake, and another many

Bamboo flute, bamboo flute, and bamboo flute

I think that the person who performs bamboo flute, koto,samisen, etc. recently decreases.
and I am still called the young man though I am enjoying the bamboo flute as a hobby for 20 years or more .
A young person's not showing the interest in the bamboo flute might have the problem somewhere.
I think them with the cause gThing with few chances to know the bamboo flute".
As for the bamboo flute, the thing to usually originate all intervals necessary for music within the range a little two octaves can be done.
Therefore, we can enjoy concerts such as a piano and electronic musical instruments with a bamboo flute.
A lot of persons think, gAs for the bamboo flute, the price is high and it is very difficult to emit the sound". There is a cheap bamboo flute wooden and made of plastic though the one, that is, high-level goods made of the bamboo is expensive, too.
If the one which is called purakohda bamboo flute to which Mr. Sasaoka designed is used, everyone can easily emit the sound.The sound is emitted by installing the one which is called mouse peace.If it is detached, it becomes as well as a usual bamboo flute. And the price is about 5000 yen.

Let's perform the famous piece of music of the world with your bamboo flute.

Mr. crane's bamboo flute classroom RealAudio Japanese Music.